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Reading Towards Action


Reading Towards Action is an artist-led reading group inspired by the work of Paulo Freire. Continuing a practice that began with Dundee Artists in Residence (2009-2012), Reading Towards Action runs alongside existing projects when the need arises.


Open to suggestion …

PAST TEXTS (in this series) INCLUDE:



In critical conversation with Nomas*Projects and in the context of the exhibition ‘Reflections on the Incarnation’

Note: this reading towards action event will be filmed.

Location: Dundee West Church, 132 Perth Road, DD1 4JW – readers will be gathered around an altered altar …

3rd March:

Dorothee Soelle – ‘Difficulties in Praising the God of Creation’ and ‘Cross and Resurrection’

22nd March:

Kwok Pui Lan – ‘Discovering the Bible in the Non-biblical World’ and ‘Christologies’ (selected authors)

24th March:

Marcella Althaus-Reid – ‘On Wearing Skirts Without Underwear: Poor Women Contesting Christ’, ‘Doing the Theology of Memory: Counting Crosses and Resurrections, and ‘Scenes from Queer Cruci/Fictions: Matan a una Marica (‘They Killed a Faggot’)’

Contact JB for pdf copies of the text or call into Roseangle Cafe to borrow a copy.



with If the City were a Commons

Naomi Klein, Reclaim the Commons

Richard Sennett, The Open City

When: Tuesday 3rd February, 7-10pm

Where: Roseangle Arts Cafe, 132 Perth Road, DD1 4JW

With whom: If the City Were a Commons




Background reading for some summer interventions and the forthcoming ‘If the City were a Commons’ programme:

Elizabeth Grosz, Bodies-Cities.

Michel Foucault, Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias.

Silvia Federici, Feminism and the Politics of the Commons.

When, where, with whom: summer homework, independent reading and


Tuesday 3rd February 2015 – in collaboration with ‘If the City were a Commons’ – 7-10pm.

Naomi Klein, Reclaim the Commons.

Richard Sennett, The Open City.

Where: Roseangle Arts Cafe, 132 Perth Road, DD1 4JW.


Art and Activism
On Site Projects in collaboration with GENERATOR

1. Wednesday 16th April 6.30 – 8pm

Texts to be read in advance of the reading group: On De-Organisation and ‘Exodus: Aesthetic Practice Beyond the Art Institution

(Jute Cafe Bar at DCA, 152 Nethergate, DD1 4DY)

2. Wednesday 23rd April 6.30 – 9pm

Film screeningPaths to Utopias

Travelling across Europe to experience various forms of post-capitalist living, Isabella Fremaux and John Jordan’s Utopian road movie is set in an imagined post-crash future but shot as a fictional documentary.

(Hannah Maclure Centre, Top Floor Abertay Student Centre, 1-3 Bell Street, DD1 1HP)

3. Wednesday 30th April 6.30 – 8pm:

Texts to be read in advance of the reading group: ‘Artists, One More Effort to be Really Political’ and ‘The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination: Art, Activism and Permaculture – an Interview with Isa Fremeaux and John Jordan’

(Meeting in Dundee City Square)

To find out more about the context see GENERATOR.


Shannon Jackson, Social Works
Text: Shannon Jackson, Social Works – performing art, supporting publics (2011)

Reference copies available from Roseangle Cafe Arts (just ask at the counter). For an interview with Jackson see here.

Where: Roseangle Arts Cafe, 132 Perth Road, DD1 4JW.

When: recommence (for new readers) 13 November 2013.


Artificial Hells
Text: Claire Bishop, Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship (2013)

Reference copies available from Roseangle Arts Cafe (just ask at the counter). You can also find an online copy here.

Where: Roseangle Arts Cafe, 132 Perth Road, DD1 4JW.

When: recommence (for new readers) 19th June 2013.










































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