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Emily Johns – The Politics of Print

30th May to 2nd July / Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm

Artist talk – 30th June from 7pm


Eternal Fires, from the series, ‘Conscious Oil’


“This set of prints spans 20 years with their roots in my involvement with direct action against the first Gulf War. They come from practical political action intertwined with the practical work of cutting and scratching and inking of surfaces. Printmaking has always been the art form that belongs to political movements: images that need to communicate strong thoughts and feelings; images that can be reproduced quickly and easily; images that can assert again and again that we think through pictures when we are reaching for humanity and poetry. Controlling the printing press is like controlling the megaphone.”


The Blind Censor, from the series, ‘Drawing Paradise on the Axis of Evil’

For more information about Emily and her practise see here and here.

Curated by Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins.

Where: Roseangle Arts Cafe Gallery, 132 Perth Road, Dundee, DD14JW, United Kingdom.









































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